India Uk Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement

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August 12, 2023
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August 16, 2023

India and the UK have signed the Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement, creating new opportunities for Indians and the British to live and work in each other`s countries. The agreement marks a significant shift in the relationship between the two countries, opening up a new chapter of cooperation and collaboration.

The agreement covers a range of areas, including cooperation on lawful migration and mobility, border management, and combating illegal migration. Under the agreement, Indian and British citizens will be able to live and work in each other`s countries for up to two years without the need for a work permit. This will make it easier for professionals, students, and businesspeople to travel between the two countries and boost trade and investment.

The agreement also provides for the creation of a scheme for young professionals, allowing them to gain work experience in the other country for up to two years. This will help to develop skills and knowledge, enhance cultural understanding and build lasting partnerships between India and the UK.

The agreement also seeks to strengthen cooperation on border management and combat illegal migration, including through sharing information and intelligence. This will help to ensure that migration is managed effectively, and that only those who meet the requirements for lawful migration are able to travel between the two countries.

Overall, the Migration and Mobility Partnership Agreement is a significant step forward in the relationship between India and the UK, providing new opportunities for citizens of both countries to live and work in each other`s countries. It will help to strengthen ties between the two nations, enhancing cultural understanding and cooperation, and boosting trade and investment.

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